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Ni NTA Agarose 500ml 

 Ni NTA Agarose in small Column

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NTA Agarose Purification (from left to right) 1. standard, 2. cell extraction, 3. eluted, 4. purified material. Conclusion: Ni affinity column  can effectively purify extract even just one column


We  are bulk manufacturer for:

Items Form Applications
Ni NTA Agarose Beads Purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins
Cobalt NTA Agarose Beads Purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins
Cibacron Blue Agarose Beads Protein purification
NTA Agarose, without Metal charged Beads Protein purification
Magnetic Agarose Beads Beads magnetic Agarose base with Magnetic effect 
DEAE Agarose Beads weak anion-exchanger
DEAE Cellulose DE-52 White microgranular slurry weak anion- exchanger

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